Download music on PC or Phone

Music is something which helps everyone out there to keep stress away and keeping mood fit and fine. Generally listen to mp3 music on our pc Smartphone or any portable mp3 music player. These days almost everyone owns a Smartphone and we use it to listen music too. Generally we download music on our pc from any best Gudang lagu mp3 and then transfer the music to our Smartphone via Bluetooth or usb cable. But in this modern era you can download songs directly on Smartphone.

Almost every Smartphone has features to connect to internet or Wi-Fi enabled. So if you have a Smartphone and using internet connection or Wi-Fi then you can download your favorite music on your device for offline playback. There are plenty of free music download website available but in Smartphone its better to use any music downloading app. There are lot of mp3 music downloading app available on Google play which offers to download free mp3 music on your android device.