Free Call Tracking Software Explained

An old phrase comes to mind when I think of free software – you get what you pay for. While I agree this phrase is characteristic of a lot of things, I disagree when it comes to software. The replication cost of software is nothing, and therefore free software doesn’t necessarily mean cheap or bad software. We strongly believe in the freemium model of software sales where free software should be available to everyone and if you like it and want more advanced features you can then pay to upgrade.

This is why Call Gear offers a free trial call tracking software. Every small business needs access to technologies of their larger counterparts if they wish to be competitive. Call Gear’s call tracking technology will do just that. You can click here to learn more about them and their call tracking services.

You won’t find this level of sophisticated call tracking software anywhere else. Their mission is to disrupt the current costly and bloated solutions for call tracking. They will replace their cumbersome and over-priced solutions with innovative and simple proprietary call tracking technology.

Their service is not only the most affordable on the market but also rivals the most advanced data collection services any of their competitors offer. They record session-level results in your existing Google Analytics account which means not only will you see the amount and items for any call conversions but you can also see where the customer navigation on your website as well.