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Snacks Vending Machines - Top Dawg Labs

Snacks Vending Machines

Without a doubt, snacks are among the most popular of all. Almost everyone is filled with anticipation just looking at the colorful boxes, bags and wrappers that contain all the goodies we have come to enjoy.

A well-stocked vending machine has something for everyone, and most of us need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack to keep going. Nearly everyone gets a bit cranky when they are hungry and blood sugar is dropping. Having a snack handy in the workplace can overcome this situation and keep busy employees happy.

Snacks Vending Machines - Top Dawg Labs

Because they are unmanned and self-serve, there is no need to have anyone in attendance and there is no mess to clean up in the lunch room or elsewhere. But, that is also a reason to have only the best and highest quality vending machines Australia.

Another snack machine in the lobby or waiting area for customers is a way to keep customers happier as they wait, and children from getting fussy.

Combination snack and drink machines are becoming very popular in Australia, and they have everything someone needs in one place. This is especially good for places that do not have much room for more than one machine.

How Radon is Reduced - Top Dawg Labs
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How Radon is Reduced

Even if you live far away from the northeast, the traditional hotbed of radon contamination, your home could still be at risk. Contrary to popular opinion, radon is a nationwide problem, and people in all parts of the country should be aware of the potential for contamination.

That is why it is so important for every homeowner, no matter where they live, to have their homes tested. If your home tests negative, you and your family will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are safe from this dangerous radioactive gas.

How Radon is Reduced - Top Dawg Labs

Testing Positive

If your home tests positive, you can take immediate steps to reduce the radon level in your home and mitigate the danger to your family and the value of your home. Dealing with a radon problem requires a thorough understanding of just how that radon is getting into your home, and that requires the expertise, experience and sophisticated testing equipment only a radon reduction contractor, such as, can provide.

Radon Entry Points

One of the most common ways radon enters your home is through tiny cracks in the walls surrounding it. To understand how radon enters your home and why it is so dangerous, consider that the pressure outside the walls of your home is typically much greater than the pressure inside your home. This unequal pressure can create a vacuum effect that allows radon to stream into your home through even the tiniest of cracks in the basement walls or the foundation.

To deal with this problem and reduce radon seepage, a radon reduction company will seek to equalize the pressure inside and outside your home. The company will use a number of techniques and equipment to accomplish this goal. When they are done, the pressure will be much more uniform inside and outside your home, and that can greatly reduce the amount of radon that enters your house.

How Radon is Reduced

Radon can also get into your home through a contaminated well, and that is another thing an experienced radon reduction company will be able to deal with. When your well water is contaminated by radon, that radioactive gas is entering your home each time you use your washing machine, dishwasher or shower, and even every time you turn on the faucet. A quality radon reduction company will be able to assess the state of your well water and make the changes necessary to stop that radioactive gas from seeping into the surrounding water. When the work is done, you and your family can breathe easy, knowing that a dangerous threat has been removed from your home.

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How to Weld

Before you learn how to weld make sure you have all the equipment your going to need to protect yourself.

Welding produces a bright arc that’s equivalent to the sun’s brightness, so cover your entire body with non flammable clothing, 100% cotton or wool is best. Welding safety is important, don’t think you can get away with putting on some spf 90 sun screen just because it’s hot outside and you don’t want to wear long sleeves.

If you choose not to heed my warning you do so at your own risk! I just hope you’ve stocked up on some aloe vera. Here’s a short list to get you started.

  • Welding helmet – Your not a welder with out a welding helmet, so go get one.(shade 10 or higher)
  • Welding gloves – just because you have gloves on doesn’t mean you should be touching your weld.
  • Leather jacket – A long sleeve cotton shirt is just as good if your out in hot weather, just as long as you don’t mind sparks burning holes in your shirt and turning it into swiss cheese.
  • Welding cap – The welding helmet only protects your face not your hair.
  • Leather steel toe boots – Any time your working with steel or any kind of construction work, its always a good idea to protect your toes. Welders even have some bad ass looking boots that have a met-guard that protects the entire top of the foot. You might consider getting a pair if you choose to do this as full time work or if you just want to look bad ass, if you do decide to buy it just to look cool and I see you in public, I’m gonna laugh at you.

I can’t stress enough the importance of welding safety, it’s a big part in learning how to weld, make sure your always wearing the appropriate welding gear!

Alright so now you’ve got your gear on and your ready for some welding basics. Take your ground clamp and attach it to your work piece. Since your probably new at this your gonna want to practice laying down beads on a steel plate (assuming that your set up to weld steel). Now strike your arc and start welding!

How to Weld - Top Dawg Labs

Your first few beads probably aren’t gonna be pretty, but that’s okay, your first few beads let you know what you need to do to make a pretty weld. Basically there’s two main things you have to think about when you learn how to weld, Travel speed and Amps.

Here are a few welding tips. If you travel too slow your weld is going to build up and probably look like a long giant blob (depending on your amps), too fast and it might come out too thin or you might get some undercut (once again depending on your amps).

If your amps are too high your probably going to have a lot of spatter and you might get some undercut (depending on your travel speed), amps too low and your not gonna get any penetration and your weld will probably look like rat turds (Depending on your travel speed… okay maybe not so much on your travel speed, but do you see how these to factors interplay with each other?)

Now it is possible to have your amps a little too high and still lay down a nice bead, actually I’d rather you have it a little too high then too low, You just have to travel a bit faster, make sure you watch that puddle whatever your puddle looks like is what your weld’s gonna look like, make sure that puddle is nice and even. It all comes with time and practice so for now just play around with the heat and your speed and see how many different ways you can make a weld look.

Ideally you want your weld to have good penetration, with a slight convex and uniform look. No porosity, undercut, or cold lap. Oh… one more thing, it also has to be straight. If you can’t weld straight try welding near the edge of the plate and use the edge as a guide then lay down another bead just below that one and so on.

I hope you’ve found my welding tips useful, just continue to practice welding basics until your confident. Learning how to weld is easy and fun, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and burn some rod!

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Chauffeuring Services

As the capital of England and the premier world destination for both tourists, investors and talent, London has been experiencing something of renaissance recently. With world renown art, top universities and international financial services, the city has been considered a cultural and financial capital of the work. In terms of finance, London is second only to New York.

Travelling through a major metropolitan hub can be intimidating, stressing and time wasting. As a tourist, you might have time to fool around the city with an unreliable commute, but as a business traveller, you don’t have the luxury of adding to your already significant stress load by worrying about congested traffic and less-than-optimal transporting solutions.

Chauffeuring Services - Top Dawg Labs

Thanks to professional distinguished chauffeur service and luxury cars, security London chauffeur agencies can provide you with first-class transportation to deliver you to your destination in comfort and style without worrying about your safety and the hassle of public transport or renting a car.

They plan your route in advance using the latest technology in satellite navigation to minimise traffic delays and make sure that you complete your itinerary in a timely, discreet and comfortable manner. Courteous and unpretentious chauffeurs arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of your specified departure time. The moment you meet them, they will make you feel at home.

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Invention Patentability Search

Alternately, prior to investing in the filing of a patent application, it is sometimes wise, though also not mandatory, to conduct or have conducted a patentability search. This type of search looks at patents and public information from anywhere and any past time to see whether the invention is truly novel and to gauge the likelihood that a patent on it can indeed be obtained.

Since the results of a patentability search are again proportional to the time/money spent, one must weigh the cost of such a search against the cost of filing the application without, and then relying on the search conducted by the Patent Office as part of the application’s examination. And regardless of the amount spent on a patentability search, the results are almost always going to be less reliable than a right-to-use search. That is where a patent agency like InventHelp comes in. You can read more about InventHelp on UrbanMatter.

Many inventors forego a patentability search altogether or limit it by cost to an affordable breadth with the understanding that the reliability of the results obtained are similarly limited.

Invention Patentability Search - Top Dawg Labs

The patent application is prepared with claims that are written as broadly as the known prior art would allow. But once the patent application has been filed with the requisite Filing Fee, it is assigned to a patent examiner who conducts his own patentability search and determines the allowability of those claims against his results.

It is rare to obtain an allowance on the application’s broadest claims absent some argument with the examiner. In the U.S., an invention’s patentability depends on its usefulness, novelty, and non-obviousness. Usefulness is rarely challenged by the modern examiner and novelty can be judged by a direct comparison to the examiner’s search results. But a rejection based on an examiner’s assertion that the claim is merely obvious in view of the prior art or through some combination of the prior art can be more difficult to overcome and require strong arguments. Getting support from InventHelp would be advisable.

The examiner issues his opinions and findings in an Office Action. Except in the case of “dead ringer” prior art, amendments which narrow the scope of the claims can usually be made to distinguish over the prior art and gain allowance. There may be several Office Actions and Amendments required before the application is allowed and a patent is granted, if one is granted at all.

A Lawyer Can Help with a Patent Application - Top Dawg Labs
Business Law

A Lawyer Can Help with a Patent Application

There are many valuable possessions that people have that need to be protected, this includes both physical items and things that are known as intellectual properties. Intellectual properties are things such as ideas for business concepts or inventions. It is very important to have these things protected especially if you are looking to make money off of your invention or idea. In order to protect these things, and to keep other people from using them as their own you will need what is known as a patent.

In order to get a patent you must first submit an application to the federal government. If you are granted a patent, then the government will publish a description of the invention in a patent disclosure so that no one else can use your invention or creation When a new patent is granted then individuals will receive the proper protection that they need on their thoughts or inventions. A patent will legally protect the invention or idea for 20 years. You can read more about patenting process from this blog –

A Lawyer Can Help with a Patent Application - Top Dawg Labs

Getting a patent is a very complex process, so it is important to know how to go through it. Every day people find that they are denied patents simply because they did not properly go through the application process. This is why it is so important to understand the process of applying for a patent. The first thing that you will want to do when you decide to apply for a patent is to hire a patent attorney. Patent attorneys, they are a very specific type of attorney that works solely with the patent process. A patent lawyer is a legal professional just like any other lawyer but they are in charge of overseeing the patent process for a client.

You will need to find a local patent attorney, not just a general attorney and set up a consultation so they can get an idea of what your invention is and tell you if you have a patentable idea on your hands. They will also do what is known as a patent search and inform you if there is an existing patent published that is identical to your idea. They will then help you with the application process. By hiring professionals you are getting a lot of help for your new invention idea.

The attorney will first help you fill out and file your application with the government. They will then help you draft a detailed description of your item including any drawings that may help describe your idea to the government. They will help fill out additional paperwork and then send the information into to the national patent office. They will continue to stay with your case in case anything is overturned or if you need to complete any additional paperwork. You will need to work closely with the patent attorney and help them get any additional information that they may need to help get your idea the patent you want it to have.

Patent Applications - Top Dawg Labs
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Patent Applications

Patents are formal legal documents and should be drafted by a registered patent attorney. Many Inventors feel they can prepare a patent application themselves because they have an understanding of how the invention works. Of course they have an understanding. . . they developed the idea! Unfortunately, this often turns into a nightmare. Remember, a U.S. Patent is a legal document.

If the patent application is not prepared correctly, the Inventor may end up spending more money to fix the patent application than the Patent Attorney or a Patent agency, such as InventHelp, would have charged to draft it in the first place. Alternatively the patent attorney may have to draft an entirely new patent application which results in wasted time and money for the Inventor.

Patent attorneys prepare a variety of Patents and Patent Applications. The following is a brief description of each:

A Utility Patent is what most think of when they imagine a patent. Utility Patents protect new and useful products and processes. A Utility Patent can be very broad and is usually preferred if the invention performs a useful function or a useful process. Examples of Utility Patents are pharmaceuticals, methods to treat medical conditions, devices for performing particular operations and the like. A Utility Patent typically has a term of about 20 years from filing and has a number of formal requirements.

Patent Applications - Top Dawg Labs

A Design Patent protects the ornamental features of a device. In other words, a Design Patent protects the look of the invention. Design Patents are typically much narrower in scope than Utility Patents. Design Patents have a term of 14 years.

A Provisional Patent Application does not issue as a U.S. Patent. However a Provisional Patent Application provides the Inventor a priority date and a 1 year grace period to file a Utility Patent Application and/or a PCT International Patent Application. Although Provisional Patent Applications do not require many of the formalities as a Utility Patent Application (and can therefore be less expensive) a Provisional Patent Application should comply with the written description requirement including best mode. A Provisional Patent Application does not effect the term of a resulting issued U.S. Patent. as discussed in this article on

A PCT Patent Application is also commonly referred to as an International Patent Application. A PCT Patent Application never issues as a Patent itself. The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) provides a centralized method for filing a patent application throughout most of the industrialized country. Thus, the patent application eventually must enter the national stage of each desired country. Currently there are about 181 Member States (countries) that belong to the PCT.

A U.S. National Stage Patent Application may be filed from a PCT Application designating the U.S. in the Request. A National Stage application issues as a U.S. Patent.

Non-Provisional Patent Application - Top Dawg Labs

Non-Provisional Patent Application

A non-provisional patent is also known as regular patent application. The term “non-provisional” differentiate the model application from the “provisional” version that is a placeholder available only to small businesses and individuals. A provisional patent application actually not a patent, and additionally, can never becomes a patent, with the single rare omission noted below. Its term finish routinely after one year starting the day of filing and cannot be invigorated.

It provides a priority date for simultaneous later-filed non-provisional patent application for the comfortable that is in the provisional. This means that orientations that could beat the later-filed application as to the matter in the provisional will now not be used to overcome the later-filed application.

When we talk about developed country like US, the Patent and Trademark Office lists all non-provisional patents, which are also known as utility patents. Formally it takes 60 hours to completing the utility of a patent application. You can find much more about it from InventHelp on Instagram. Here are the points that will guide you in filing a patent application successfully.

You need to examine your creativity to make sure that it is right to file patented. It should cover at least 50 different points, according to the USPTO, to be able to patented, so be sure about the every aspect of your invention. Search challenging ideas and make notes of any same invention on the market, paying particular attention to any organization who might claim your patent disobeys upon that.

Non-Provisional Patent Application - Top Dawg Labs

Find as well as understand the terms and conditions of filing a non-provisional patent application. These patent applications need exact details about your invention. It can include background and name, as well as your claim to the invention, which is a specific explanation what you want the patent to defend. Whether a patent will be granted is determined according to the USPTO.

Complete the necessary paperwork carefully; you can visit your local law library to understand the procedure. These libraries are typically located on law university or school campuses. The paperwork documents are also available at USPTO’s website. Complete the paperwork within a short period of time, but do not compromise with accuracy for practicality. Moreover you can consult a professional patent attorney to assist you complete the application, which is a multifaceted legal document, according to USPTO.

Do not forget attaining a receipt for the submitted documents. Also join a self-addressed and stamped postcard with the front page of the application. It should also contain a detailed list that identifies every aspect of document and the number of pages that has been attached.

Finally a USTO will analyze your application and inform you if any requirement has avoided by you. Online submission of the application is very popular these days as the applicant can get all the details as well as status online.

Follow all the steps carefully if you want to enjoy all the benefits of this service. A professional Patent agency like InventHelp can help you in achieving the goal successfully.

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Motivational Speaker Gives Life-changing Advice

A motivational speaker might give a lecture on time management with tips and step by step instructions of what can be done to increase your productivity in a given time. He/she will explain these things in a way that is easily understood and fills the listener with the confidence and desire to make changes in their lives.

After hearing this speech, a person will feel that they have it within their power to manage their time more efficiently, and they will be ready to jump right in to practicing the technique that they have heard about.

Motivational Speaker Gives Life-changing Advice - Top Dawg Labs

Professional motivational speakers, such as Eric Bailey Cali award-winner motivational speaker, are generally people who are very charismatic as you can see from They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life and particularly for the field which they lecture on. They give instruction, tell anecdotes about people who have gone from low on the scale of success to being extremely successful in improving the given area of their life. They talk about how these changes transform people’s lives.

In our day people seek out authorities to offer insights into how they can become better people, better managers, better partners, better parents, better in any aspect in their lives that they feel they could improve on. In order to give these people motivation speakers share their knowledge and a little of their enthusiasm, and this is the way that our society improves and grows.

How to Choose a Business Phone System - Top Dawg Labs

How to Choose a Business Phone System

When you are on the endeavor of searching a business phone system, then you need to keep certain points in your mind, which will in return make you to avail the best business phone system. Here are some points, which you must never discard.


A scalable phone allows you to remove and add several users. In an organizational environment, recruitment and firing is common so your business phone system must have adaptability with this factor so scalability is the prime factor, moreover If you are serving the cause of cost constraints, then you must deal for the VoIP based phone system because not only it has more features to offer, but it is also quite cheap in comparison to the outdated analogue phone system, that is why VoIP is certainly the best deal.

Now as you have decided that you are going to opt for VoIP system, then there are two types of systems available for VoIP. Premise based service is one and the other is hosted VoIP. If you go for hosted based system, then just connect your device to the internet and start the working but in case of premise based system, you need to purchase relatively expensive equipment known as Private branch Exchange (PBX). Small companies do prefer hosted based system of VoIP.

How to Choose a Business Phone System - Top Dawg Labs

Monthly Costs and the Equipment Prices

You need to keep the monetary factors in consideration as well, because some companies do offer you cheaper monthly packages but they don’t provide excellent phone service. So you must consider such package of a company, who promise you quality as well moreover equipment charges are also important to consider as mentioned earlier that premise based system involves additional cost of equipment but you can reduce it by purchasing a relatively used equipment if it is in proper working condition.

Additional Features

This field of business phone systems is getting diverse day by day and several new features like automatic call distribution, call recording, advanced auto attendant, call reporting etc are allowed by many companies in circuit, so while making decision, you must figure out which features will best suit you and which features are within your budget to attain.

Company Reputation

Last but not the least; company’s market reputation is the major factor which can influence the decisions. Go for the business phone system company, such as the ATS Telecoms –, that has good reputation towards the provision of good quality and long run benefits.

These are some of the brief points, which you must keep in your mind while going to opt for a business phone system for your business.