Satin Sheets

Nothing will add glamour to a night’s sleep like satin sheets. For years, satin bed sheets have been considered a staple of romantic evenings, luxury hotels, and pampering. The long lasting popularity of these sheets means that they are now being offered by almost every store that carries bedding lines, so there is no longer a need to save them for a special occasion. They are the perfect way to make your old bedding feel new again and make every night feel like a special occasion. Add these sheets to your guest room for a special touch that will leave house guests gushing about their great night’s sleep.

When shopping for a satin sheet set, make sure to choose a antimicrobial bed sheets set that is washable. This will save the expense of dry cleaning bedding, and will ensure that these sheets become a featured part of your regular rotation. To get the most use out of your satin sheets, always wash them in lukewarm water and hang them to dry out of direct sunlight. This will ensure that the sheets do not fade or tear, and will keep them looking new after many washings.

A satin sheet is also the perfect choice for summertime. Sheets will stay cool even on the hottest day, and the feel of satin against the skin will eliminate much of the discomfort of hot summer nights. They are not prone to pilling or lint. They do not, however, breathe as easily as a cotton sheet would, so they may need more frequent summertime washings.