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This kind of machinery is primarily used on farms and other agricultural sites. Typical types of agricultural machinery include:

Combine Harvesters – these machines are set up to harvest crops and organize them ready for the next stage of the process.

Drills and planters – drills and planters are used to plant crops. These may be used as a tractor attachment.

Fertilizer Spreader – this machine will fertilize a field ready for crops.

Hay Baler – a hay baler will take hay and make it into a bale.

Irrigators – irrigators are used to water large spaces.

Ploughs – most ploughing nowadays will be done via a tractor with a ploughing attachment attached to it.

Tillers – again, most tilling machinery nowadays will be an attachment to a tractor.

Agricultural Machinery - Top Dawg Labs

Tractors – the tractor is the most common type of agricultural machine found on farms. These machines can be used for a range of general and specialist purposes. So, for example, a farmer may use his tractor to transport things around the farm or to plant crops.

Transplanters – transplanters are used to plant seedlings that have already been cultivated.


The tractor is probably the most likely piece of farm machinery that you are guaranteed to find on the majority of farms of any size. A tractor can be used on all kinds of farm and has a variety of uses in agriculture that make this a really essential machine for most farmers.

Tractors come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for all kinds of jobs around a farm. In general terms most farmers will use a tractor as a base vehicle which he can then use in his working day to make certain jobs easier. Here, for example, he may use the tractor to get around the farm, to transport things around the farm or to do specific jobs on the farm.

Most tractors allow a farmer to hook up certain other types of farm machinery to do certain jobs whilst some will come with attachments already in place. So, for example, he might hook a trailer up to his tractor to move animal feed around the farm.

Or he might connect a plough, harrow or planter to the tractor when he needs to do these jobs. Most tractors will have a special connector to fit various pieces of farm machinery such as a draw bar or a three point hitch.