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The best affiliate marketing systems enable us online entrepreneurs to make more money by doing less work. A proven system can mean the difference between struggling to scrap an income on the internet to thriving in an online business and living that internet lifestyle of freedom.

So to help others get on the right track, we will go over the key things to look out to help you identify the best affiliate marketing system for your own needs:

Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel – One of the big changes that I made in my business that took me from struggling beginner to full-time online entrepreneur was the use of a sales funnel.

When you have a sales funnel then you are not just making small one-time product sales over and over again, but you are upselling your customers to more higher quality and higher paying products in the future. The best sales funnel software is Clickfunnels and you can check the Clickfunnels cost as well as learn more about the software online.

Best Affiliate Marketing System - Top Dawg Labs

It is easier and quicker to make more money on the internet by upselling existing customers compared to acquiring brand new customers.

Lead Capture System – But before we even get to the sales funnel part of your affiliate marketing system it is essential to first capture the email address of the individuals you will be marketing to. This is so you can follow up with more promotions later on via email and get more buyers that way.

So make sure your affiliate system gives you turnkey lead capture pages to drive traffic to and build your email list of subscribers.

Video Presentation – When you promote products and services online then it is best to go for programs that have a video presentation that does the selling on your behalf. You tend to get much higher conversion ratios when using video to sell than just a text based website.

But if the affiliate program that you want to promote does not have a quality sales video, then you can use your affiliate marketing system to promote the products on your behalf. Either create your own video or use the provided presell presentations that hopefully the best affiliate marketing systems will provide you with.

Driving Traffic Into The System – Once you have your system all setup with product to sell, lead capture pages, sales funnel and sales videos, then the next step is to drive traffic to the system to make those sales.

Simply apply basic internet marketing strategies to get as many people to your website. Use free methods such as article marketing and social media marketing and combine this with paid methods to advertise your website.

The more people you get to your site the more money that you affiliate system can generate for you.