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CD Duplication services are available from many companies but it is always best to be sure you are getting exactly the product you need. There are two ways to produce CDs in volume but the different methods provide very different results and quality.

Technically CD duplication services refer to burnt blank media ie duplicated CD-Rs. While this method is ideal for low volume or quick turnaround, it does not provide a legitimate retail quality product that you would find on a high street or internet shop. For the professional retail product you would need CD replication. Many bands or labels for example use CD duplication services in order to provide low volume of demo CDs.

CD Duplication services - Top Dawg Labs

The method of printing used for CD duplication services can also vary from one company to another which of course can determine the final quality in appearance. Some will inkjet print the inserts and even the disc itself while others will use digital print. There are still those that provide the printed surface of the CD as an adhesive label which is not ideal for many reasons. Replicated CDs are either screen or litho printed and the inserts are all litho printed resulting in the optimum final quality throughout so if you are needing the true professional final product it is best to be sure the company offering CD duplication services would actually provide replication.

There are also possible playback problems with burnt media provided from companies offering CD duplication services. Not all CD drives will read every brand of CD-R or maybe if the media is written at too high a speed it can cause errors. Replication causes no such problem because each disc is pressed from a stamper created via glass mastering and therefore every disc will be identical. Again it is wise to check if the company offering CD duplication services are only providing burnt media or if they can replicate.

In conclusion, replicated CDs can only be the professional retail quality product and burnt blank media can never be classed as this. They are ideal for demos and maybe even a few to sell at gigs etc but shops would not stock them. Be sure the company you contact for CD duplication services are up front about the final product they can provide to be sure it meets your needs.