Choosing a Name for Your Little Baby - Top Dawg Labs

Choosing the perfect baby name can be a real battle! We all know that our name can have a big influence on our future, both personally and professionally, so it is important for parents-to-be to feel that they have made the best decision that reflects the life they are about to bring into the world.

There are so many factors that will influence how you will chose the perfect name for your baby! Are there cultural norms that you need to consider or is there a family tradition you’d like to follow? For example, if you have Native American roots, why not use Native American girl names for your baby girl. This may help you to narrow down the names you have to chose from or help you to determine how many names you need to select.

Choosing a Name for Your Little Baby - Top Dawg Labs

Another consideration is how the name will reflect your own personality, do you like trendy names, traditional names or unique names? Are you concerned with the meaning behind the name that you will choose for your baby, or do you just care that it sounds good?

A few fun tips to consider when choosing the perfect name. Make sure that any variation of the name coupled with the surname are not something that can be made fun of in the playground! Try shouting the name out loud, especially coupled with any sibling names you already have, shouting your children’s names out is something that you will do a lot of, so make sure that it sounds ok.

Finally, try imagining your selected name on a doctor, lawyer, or the PM, this might give you an idea of how your child’s name will be perceived when they are an adult. And don’t forget, your baby will spend a lot more time with this name as an adult than a child!

But most importantly, have fun, choosing a name for your little baby is such a rewarding challenge!!!