Guide to Animation Production - Top Dawg Labs

There are a few steps that go into the making of animated videos. The first step is to create a script. In this step, you will come up with what things the animation will say. Once this is done, the process of voice recording, or voice-over, is done. After the voice-over is completed, the process of drawing the characters will begin. After all of the characters are drawn out, you can then add them to computer software so that they have motion, or animation.

Scripts, Storyboards and Visual Development of Animation Production

Excellent animation starts with excellent concepts. You can find a lot tips for video marketing on the internet, and here are few to begin with. The first step in animation production is to construct a script. Scripts are usually done in a Word document and are designed to give the animations something to say. Once this is done, the artists will determine how to tell the story and bring the characters to life.

Guide to Animation Production - Top Dawg Labs

Essentially, they do this by translating the words into images and actions. This is all done by a variety of sketches, kind of like a storybook, called storyboards. Afterwards, these sketches are photographed in a digital manner and strung together and then other things are added such as music, dialogue and sound effects. Visual development is the next step in the process and is done so that the style, color, tone and artistic approach of every sequence is developed.

Two Easy to Use Animated Video Maker

Most kids love to watch cartoons and some of them even dream of growing up to make these cartoons. It is definitely easier today, with the use of the Internet and other forms of technology, to make these animations. There are two popular online, easy to use animated video maker. GoAnimate has themes and plots that are ready for you to use. Some of their features are their simple interface and detailed landscapes and characters. With this software, you choose the theme you want, choose the characters you desire and record their dialogues. DigitalFilms is another easy to use software to create cartoons. With DigitalFilms, you choose the background and effects, then insert objects and customize the characters and their actions.