Homemade Hair Treatment for Split Ends - Top Dawg Labs

Anyone with both dry and oil hair can have dry split ends. People with long thin hair struggle with this problem the most. Such hair easily torn, become dull and not healthy. Restoring hair ends is impossible. The only way to change the situation is to cut hair ends.

Here is how to prevent split ends from happening.

Before you wash your hair, you need to apply plenty of oil (olive, burdock, almond) and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that you can after which you can wash your hair as usual. The point is that with oil on hair we protect the ends from drying out, which inevitably occurs during washing with regular shampoo.

Try washing your hair not more frequently than once a week. Use soft cream shampoos that contain extracts from wheat sprouts, lime blossom, chamomile, as well as lecithin and vitamins.

Homemade Hair Treatment for Split Ends - Top Dawg Labs

Make mask of egg yolk and castor oil. Add a mixture of egg yolk and one tablespoon of castor oil to shampoo for dry hair, apply on hair and let stay for 1 hour.

Cut damaged hair ends ”hot scissors”. This technique instantly improves the hair, they does not look as dry and dull. However, you should remember that this procedure does not cure the hair, but only improves it’s appearance for some time.

Try air drying the hair after washing rather than drying it with a towel.

You might have heard of cosmetics products that claim they treat split ends. However as I mentioned earlier, there is not cure for this. Once the ends are split – you can only cut it off. The way such products work – they contain silicon that works like glue and basically gluing ends together. You should be aware that silicon is bad for hair and will not fix the problem of damaged ends. Your best option is to do treatments and natural masks, such as the natural cinnamon honey mask for hair health, that prevent split ends from happening in the first place.