How do You Train a Dog to Fetch - Top Dawg Labs

Dogs are man’s best companions if they are well behaved. Playing with your dog and teaching them tricks can be a great way to relax and relieve your stress. The most common game that a man and his dog can easily play is fetch. You can teach a dog to fetch all types of objects including sticks, a rubber ball, flying saucers etc. While teaching a dog to fetch can be a bit complex, it can be quite rewarding once you train a dog to fetch properly.

When you teach a dog to fetch you might face a few problems. These problems can be primarily of three types:

  • Firstly, a dog refuses to go fetch for you. This means that you might find it hard to train the dog.
  • Secondly, the dog might run after the object you throw but it fails to retrieve it for you
  • And thirdly, the dog picks up the object but it doesn’t give it back to you.
  • And in all such situations you will find it frustrating and hence you have to turn to professionals who can help you with the training. One good resource to learn dog training tips is the internet.

How do You Train a Dog to Fetch - Top Dawg Labs

When you face problems when training a dog or when teaching a dog to fetch you can try these tips to help your training go more smoothly:

Some breeds of dogs aren’t built to learn run and fetch. So you need to put in more efforts for success. One effective tool to help your dog learn faster is to give it treats and toys that your dog might prefer. Praising your dog and giving them rewards when they do the right thing will also help you motivate your dog and make them learn faster. Proper training can also help.

Proper training includes proper preparation. Whenever you teach a dog to fetch you will need a spacious hallway that isn’t too long and it is properly carpeted so that it isn’t slippery. Next you will need various sizes of sticks or rubber or metal tubes that help in teaching a dog to fetch. If you want to make it more interesting for the dog and easier for you, you can try using rubber toys, etc. Make sure you have proper treats handy which help to convince your dog that learning the trick can be advantageous for it.

The next step is the actual procedure used to teach a dog to fetch. Here you need to be sure that you are in a positive mood as it helps a lot in training a dog to do the right thing quickly. Be sure to give it the proper command in a loud voice and give it enough treats and pats, which can help to train a dog faster. Make sure that you keep working on the training with positive energy as some dogs learn the trick to fetch faster and there are dogs that take time!