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The lens extraction by phacoemulsification consists in removing the crystal cataract material by irrigation – aspiration, after “its fragmentation” with the help of ultrasounds. This method requires a device that works in a closed system that requires irrigation fluid. The principle of the method is based on the destruction of the lens, irrigation – aspiration, all these processes being carried out by means of electrodes placed in the eye.

The method of phacoemulsification has as advantage a small incision (about three millimeters), with spectacular results. The small incision reduces the risk of intraoperative incidents and of some postoperative complications. Also, allows that the operation to be done without hospitalization, with local anesthesia. The introduced crystalline allows one to see better in distance or near and requires glasses. Today exists the multifocal crystalline, which exempt patients to wear glasses as you can read from Causes of Cataracts article.

How does whole cataract surgery devolves - Top Dawg Labs

Important in cataract surgery

Before surgery you must do a number of preparations:

Ocular biometry;
The usual analysis: blood counts, blood glucose, urea, creatinine, ECG;
Cardiology consultation.

Cataract surgery – tell the doctor.

You need to announce your doctor if you take certain medications at the time.