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Why bother getting impact sockets? Regular sockets can explode when you use them with an impact wrench, and you just may strip or round your bolts in the process.

Firstly, regular sockets are not made to last the constant pounding that an impact wrench will give. Without getting too technical, regular sockets are made of a fairly brittle steel, and they have a tendency to fracture when used with an impact wrench.

Impact sockets on the other hand, are made of a more malleable material, and have thicker walls. This allows them to withstand abuse for much longer, and they won’t shatter as you can read from – Power tools review portal.

Impact Wrench Sockets - Top Dawg Labs

Another important thing to mention is the differences in the design of impact sockets vs. regular sockets. All impact sockets are created with 6 points. What that means is that if you look into the socket, you will see 6 points, or 6 corners. This matches the nut/bolt that you will be using exactly, and you will have plenty of surface contact so that you don round any bolts.

This is in contrast to most regular sockets, which have 12 points. The benefit of having 12 points is that you have 12 different ways that a socket can go on the head of your bolt, so it’s easier to use, especially in those hard to reach spots. But I’ll say it again, because there are more points, there is less surface area, and it’s more likely you will round your bolt head, especially with the pounding that an impact wrench will give out.

Overall, when you’re using your impact wrench, you should always make sure you are using 6 point impact sockets to keep your bolt heads in good shape, and to keep your sockets from shattering.