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If you have the talent and passion for creating music, audio, or sound files you can make extra money online with the help of many sites dedicated to the distribution of audio materials on the Internet. These music and audio communities are looking for popular music, instrumental music, music loops, music packs, sound effects, source files, idents, and more to add to their collection of products for sale. Whether you’re just looking to make some extra income or turn music or audio production into a career, selling your work online is a great way to get started.

How does it work?

There are two ways to sell music online, through a distributor and on an audio community website.

Make Money Online Selling Music and Audio Files - Top Dawg Labs

Distribution Services

While these audio communities do sell popular music, most artists prefer to sell their albums using distribution services. For a fee, you can upload your album to sites that offer distribution services to online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon MP3s, Rhapsody, Spotify, Google Music, and more. These distributors often offer a print media option where physical copies of your album are also distributed to retailers such as Best Buy and Newbury Comics. These distributors can also sell your tracks on their own websites for TV and movie production. You’re paid based on royalties and the number of sales you generate.

Audio Communities

It is free to create a profile on most audio communities. Once you’ve created your profile you can submit completed audio files and tracks to sell on the site. Many sites have a team of auditors who listen to your tracks and either approve or reject them. For each rejection, you may receive feedback so you can make adjustments and resubmit your track. Once approved most communities set the price of your file for you to promote a healthy marketplace for all community members. You then earn a percentage of the sales the site makes on your files. Giving exclusive distribution of a file to one site can give you a higher commission rate. However, depending on the kind and price of the file it may be better to go for higher volume of sales on multiple sites if the profit is greater.

How can I be successful selling audio files online?

Once you’ve found the sites and genres you’d like to sell your tracks on, keep creating! As a source of inspiration, look at the top sellers on each of the sites where you’ll be setting up shop. What kinds of tracks seem to be selling? If you can identify the type of audio customers are purchasing from each website, focus your efforts on those genres.

The next step is to advertise for yourself. Be sure your profile is filled out well on the community website, and use graphics to advertise your newest tracks wherever possible. Wherever you have your tracks posted, be sure to mention where it is available to purchase. Use your social media outlets to post new tracks to friends, family, and potential clients. The more sales you get the more chance you’ll have to be a featured seller on these sites.

Finally, keep writing. The more product you have available, the more opportunity you have to sell your work.

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