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One of the must-have gadgets of the decade is the iPhone. There’s one drawback to the iPhone though, and that is its expensive price. But if you want to cut costs and save a lot of money, you could also buy a refurbished iPhone. A new iPhone could cost you an arm and a leg, but with a refurbished one, you won’t even have to spend a finger.

But before you decide if a refurbished iPhone is the right gadget for you, perhaps you’d want to learn more about the history of the Apple iPhone. This article will walk you through some information about the iPhone, and some of the reasons why you should buy refurbished iPhones online.

Knowing the History of the iPhone

Before the iPhone was introduced to the public in 2007, its development has already started five years back, around early 2002. There were no details released regarding the iPhone, so people began to speculate about it even without any clear ideas of what they should expect from it.

The iPhone has revolutionized modern communication, as it shed a different light on smartphones. Calling this gadget smart would be underestimating its capabilities. It looked minimalistic, with only a few physical buttons, and has perfected the use of a multi-touch glass panel display.

The iPhone took the world by storm, because it is the first of its kind to offer speed, performance, and good looks in just a single device. By mid 2008, roughly a year before it was made available to the public, it has already sold a million handsets, and millions more were set to shipped worldwide.

Refurbished iPhone What You Need to Know - Top Dawg Labs

Why buy refurbished iPhone?

The main reason behind buying a refurbished iPhone is simple: it is a lot cheaper than a brand new one. Some could consider this a shallow reason, but when it comes to money, a lot people would really change the way they see things. If you consider buying a new iPhone impractical because of the price, you’d surely come rushing to buy one at a fraction of its cost.

A refurbished iPhone could easily be priced lower than a third of the original cost, even with a contract from a network provider, so even if you are budget conscious, this is one deal that you won’t shy away from.

Another reason why you should buy a refurbished iPhone is that there’s no difference with a new one in terms of performance. You’re just getting a pre-loved iPhone, so the specifications, the features, and the general usability are still the same. And since the iPhone relies on the applications that you put it, you can really get the most out of the money that you spend because you can buy more applications to put in your refurbished iPhone. You can still surf the Internet, play games, make and receive calls, and send and receive message with this device, the same way that you do with a new one.

Last reason why you should buy a refurbished iPhone is that cosmetic damages don’t affect the phone’s performance. Apple’s products are built tough, and they’re meant to work even after a long time. So small scratches, and a few nicks here and there won’t really compromise the performance. You can easily get a new casing, or just buy protective accessories to cover these physical damages, and still be able to enjoy your new, refurbished iPhone without any hang-ups.