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Whether you’re using your trailer for landscaping, construction, hauling equipment, or simply leisure, trailer accessories can easily be overlooked. Lights, straps, and jockey wheels are all must-haves; however, you need to know a certain amount of information to ensure you are purchasing the right part for your needs. And there are some really good online car trailer portals, such as the Nettotrailer –, where you will found all the information you need.

The Old Ball and Chain

These two items on the checklist will keep you from leaving your trailer behind you on the road. A commonly overlooked factor in the “trailer staying connected” situation is the hitch ball size.  For the hitch, make sure to employ the right amount of drop so that the trailer is level when attached to your vehicle.

The takeaway: research your trailer’s specifications to be sure of a quality fit.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Jockey wheels are there to make your life easier. Save your lower back, wallet, and risk to your trailer by investing in a high standard one from the beginning. For such a small device, a jockey wheel takes a lot of pressure and enables you to move your trailer or caravan when unhitched. The right wheel for you hangs on many different variables, so I recommend doing your homework and finding the corresponding trailer accessories online. It might take a while to navigate the ocean of options out there, so here’s to saved time.

Trailer Accessories - Top Dawg Labs

Strap In

For open trailers these are especially important. No matter what you’re hauling, you don’t want to be picking it up off the highway. Ratchet straps most often perform well, they have a slight learning curve to apply; however, once strapped down there won’t be any shifting.

A Few Last Words

Safety is the name of the game when you’re hauling anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds through town, so make a checklist and check it twice. Also, when you hook up those safety chains, form an X pattern. This way, in the event of an unexpected “unhitching”, the tongue of the trailer will be cradled in the chains and not forging its own path down the highway. The X pattern also helps prevent the chains from becoming tangled.

In any case, high standard trailer parts equal an efficient work day (or a relaxing vacation). Whatever you’re using your trailer for, invest in quality and enjoy what you do.