Using Responsive Web Design For Your Real Estate Business - Top Dawg Labs

Whether your online portal has been bringing you lots of clients or not, now is the time to assess its capability. With portable devices now on the rise, there are now lots of people accessing the Internet using their smartphones, tablets, and digital pads. This means that there is a potential rise in the number of users who access your website.

The purpose of creating one for your real estate company was to create a gateway for your target market to learn more information about your listings as well as other related stuff with ease and convenience. However, the user experience will be quite different for those who are visiting your site using their iPhone, Android device, or Blackberry. For one, the screen size is smaller compared to a desktop. So, to address this concern and to improve their visitor experience, what you can do is to use high quality real estate templates and plugins with responsive Web design, read more….

Using Responsive Web Design For Your Real Estate Business - Top Dawg Labs

There are many benefits to it, such as:

Automatic Reformat

Most smartphones today have smaller screens. So if there are images of at least 800 megapixels in your listing and a person tries to view it on his 400-megapixel phone view port, not only will it take time to load, it will look distorted. With the right CSS coding, responsive websites will have auto reformatting. This means that the images, menu, and even the entire interface will adjust accordingly to fit the screen.

Easy Navigation

Too much pinching, scrolling, and zooming can take up too much of a viewer’s limited time. Through automatic reformatting, viewers can now browse your page up and down without the need to zoom the photo. This gives ease to the user as the experience will be like surfing the Net using a laptop or a wide-screen computer.


There are lots of people who are aware of what 4G is and their advantages, and that is why many of them get connected through it. Now if you consider the rising number of people connecting their mobile devices to the Net using 4G, then a responsive design can do your business good. Why? Because you are making your site accessible to everyone, be they PC, laptop, or mobile device users.

Now that you know the benefits of using this kind of website design, consider using it for your real estate business site. That way, both PC and smartphone users can have a better and more informative experience when they visit your real estate portal.