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The job of a dentist entails diagnosing, treating and preventing gum, mouth and tooth problems in their patients. There are different areas of dentistry that deals with the different treatments. If you require the assistance of a specialist, your dental practitioner will normally refer you.

Normal dentistry includes many services. They treat tooth decay and also use preventative measures to delay or stop tooth decay. They will also take x-rays of the teeth to examine them for any problems. Teeth fissure sealant will be put on the teeth to protect them. They can also fix broken or chipped teeth and perform procedures such as filling teeth and performing root canals.

What Does A Dentist Do - Top Dawg Labs

He or she can also prescribe dentures as well as do the fitting and arrange the manufacture of them. He will also be able to give you oral hygiene tips and will discuss the correct way to floss and brush your teeth. This is imperative to prevent the decay of your teeth. They will refer you to a suitable specialist if you require procedures that they are unable to do.

A periodontist will be able to assist if there is any evidence of bone disease or gum disease or any form of tissue degeneration. Periodontists specialize in gum care that is normally caused by inferior oral hygiene. They will make sure that your gums are prepared for further treatment like dentures, bridges or for crowns. They are also able to rebuild the bones as well as the gums.

Prosthodontists deals with the repair of natural teeth. They also deal with the replacement of teeth that are missing. So their area of specialization is normally the use of artificial teeth which are dentures or implants. They also do crowns or caps. Their field of specialization will include fitting of bridgework. This is the procedure where either partial dentures are used or implants are used to fill the gaps.

Orthodontists are specialists who use appliances to reset the teeth. Retainers and braces are used to improve the function and the appearance of the teeth. These appliances are used to straighten crooked teeth and to make the entire set of teeth more aesthetically appealing.

If you require oral surgery it will be done by a maxilla facial surgeon. Their job is to remove teeth that have become buried in the jaw. You will be referred to this specialist particularly if you require the removal of your wisdom teeth. The reason your normal dental doctor will not remove the teeth is if they are too close to the nerve, they may well damage the nerve upon extraction of the teeth. These surgeons will also adjust and align misplaced jaws. If someone has a problem where the upper jaw is misaligned with the lower, they will realign them. They also assist with the preparation of the jaw for purposes of implants.