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I’m a meat-eater. These days it almost sounds like a confession. Not only is meat part of the American diet and culture, it’s the staple of almost every meal in the US. And, it’s the enticement for many to indulge at the most popular eateries. We are the most extravagant omnivores. We Americans love our dining experience that features steak, sushi, and even famous homestyle barbeque with the traditional pork steak, hot dog, and bratwurst.

So, needless to say, I’ve never considered a meat alternative. Everybody eats meat…don’t they? I only learned about the benefits of meat alternatives when I discovered that my body needs an improved diet. I learned that I suffer from acid reflux, or GERD as do at least 50% of Americans over the age of 40. To decrease my body’s acidity and increased risk of cancer, I must improve my diet.

Are You A Meat Eater - Top Dawg Labs

Meat exacerbates more than just acidity in the body but also contributes to the obesity epidemic in America. We need more vegetables, legumes, fruit, and protein alternatives. According to a local company that manufactures and sells meat alternatives, these vegan products cut saturated fats, cholesterol, unnecessary hormones, and even arsenic found in chicken and pigs from our diet.

So, I tried something different for dinner last night. I found the best plant based meats alternative at the grocery store for my world-famous chili. Of course, I kept that slight change a secret from my family. They would certainly balk at the idea of any alteration in our family dinner.

More people embrace a vegan lifestyle than ever before to improve health and consciousness. They and I shudder to think of the unacceptable treatment of animals at factory farms and the devastating conditions the animals must endure. I certainly don’t want to be a part of any animal suffering and that means a total lifestyle change on my part. Many people advise that we can make gradual alterations in our diet if we wish to fully change to vegan in the future.