Pita Ten Review

All the characters are really likable, even Misha-san with her devilish troublemaker thing going on. Shia is the usual perfect mother figure-esque type, with her usually providing the rest with food. Koboshi-chan is also quite cute too, with her playing the “tsunderekko” of the series, while both Kotaro-kun and Ten-chan are really quite great male characters, heck, I’ve said it before that not even half the people on the Bounty List will be able to match up to them, really. In fact, I’d gladly support them for a future harem master role.

The story is basically comedy, with a nice touching ending written in. I was gladly enjoying the antics of the gang, especially the episode where poor Kotaro-kun got “washed” by Misha-san. Other nice parts are the episodes where Koboshi takes the lead, the hospital ones and the ending episodes as well. One thing a bit lacking was character development, but it’s pretty fine for a show like Pita Ten. Read this top 10 anime characters article for more reviews.

As for art, it’s quite simple, yet elegant, and somehow old-school in a way, which adds to the enjoyment.Quality was quite consistant throughout, without much deviation, working out to be pretty good.