Hamster feeding tips - Top Dawg Labs

Hamster food may be found in every pet shop. The choices are various. Hamsters love all kind of food. No matter if you are a newbie or have had hamster a long time – you can choose over many hamster foods. Just remember, fruits should be used as a treat, not as a normal daily food. It can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea is a big problem for them. Veggies and mixed pet shop food is the main food to give your dwarf hamster.

If you have Russian white dwarf hamster, Campbell’s russian dwarf hamster, Chinese dwarf hamster or Roborovski dwarf hamster, then please make sure that you don’t give too much food to him. Overfeeding can cause a fattening to your hamster so he or she becomes lazy and unhappy.

Hamster feeding tips - Top Dawg Labs

Watch what food they like and dislike. If your hamster don’t eat something like “melon” then don’t give melon anymore. If he likes apple then give it, but not too much. Also if you give apple make sure there are no seeds inside. When it comes to other fruits like blueberries, be careful and to find out more about this you can read more on Petsium.com.

If the vegetables you gave to hammy are dry or unfresh then remove them. Bottle of water should always be full.

Good tips feeding your hamster:

  • Always check the manufacturer’s date on the hamster pellets to make sure the food is fresh.
  • Make the feeding as a play for them. Put some food underground or some difficult places.
  • Don’t overfeed your hamster.
  • Sometimes give food on your hand so they know who feeds them.
  • Don’t give food with seeds and stones inside. Remove them before feeding.