Naming your male dog or puppy - Top Dawg Labs

Whenever you think of pets, the first and foremost that comes to mind will be dogs. You can buy any small or large breed of dogs, whichever is comfortable for you. After getting a puppy, you will think of naming your puppy. Just a name is not that you would like to have, as the dog is going to be with you throughout its life time and the name has to be yelled out often. So be careful while choosing the name and think twice before choosing the name. For much more great ideas of dog names you can visit

Male dog names will be different from names for female dogs and you have to choose the name with respect to the character of your dog and the physical size of your dog. Usually small breed dogs like Poodle, Terrier etc. will be highly energetic and for that you can choose some soothing name, so as to reduce its excitement whenever you call its name. Names which end with vowel ‘u’ will suit more and will give a solacing effect. Some large dog breeds will be slow and will always react very slowly. You can name such large breeds a short name with strong consonant or vowel like Bob, Plank etc.

Choose the male dog name with manful consonant as well as vowels and thus use alphabets like r, a, t, q etc. You can also choose male dog name according to their appearance or according to its conduct. If the dog is too dominant, you can choose a short name which could be dashing and daring. If the dog is too submissive, then you can your male dog a name which is reassuring to him as well as you.

Naming your male dog or puppy - Top Dawg Labs

Some flashing names like ‘Lightning’, Storm may appear awkward to you sometimes, so choose some better names .Some of them which more likely suits a male dog name are Blaze, Bullet, Turbo, Axel, Hustle, Claude, Widget, Rocket etc.

You can even select the name of your dog, according to the task that he does. If the new puppy likes to play hide and seek with you, why not name him Bandit Queen if the dog is female or Bandit if the dog is male.

Some people think it as a fashion to have dog and it has also become a recent style to have one dog in your home. Even Hollywood stars and other celebrities own a dog of their desire. Often the celebrity having a wonderful dog will attract more audience. People also want to acquire the same breed as the celebrity carries along with them. The end result is that particular dog breed is produced in vast number, while other dogs get a back seat and people who are generating such dogs are earning a high amount.

Whichever the breed chosen, dogs needs to be cared and pampered and attended just like human beings. When it is puppy, you have to take care just like your own child. Dogs also will have the aptitude for love and to be loved. When the master doesn’t care for the dog or have no time for them, he becomes an abandon and recently America is found to have about 12 million abandoned dogs which lives in streets and some even die out of hunger.