How to Use Fonts on the Web - Top Dawg Labs

The goal of a website is to attract the attention of your audience and keep them on the page. Typography on a website is a powerful tool to guide the viewer to different zones or pages on the site. Choosing the right font can aid the process. Before choosing fonts for a website, however, there are a few simple web typography guidelines to keep in mind.

Keep it Simple

Most people who stumble upon a site that has over five different fonts scattered across the page will leave immediately. Keep it simple by using one, or at most two, fonts. Although decorative fonts are beautiful to look at, it is best to use fonts with simple characteristics in order to achieve clarity. This is especially true for low-resolution computer screens. Decorative fonts, such as cursed text font, are good for social media posting and commenting.

How to Use Fonts on the Web - Top Dawg Labs

Avoid Small Sizes

It is important to make your content legible by using large sizes. As your type becomes too small, you start to lose viewers. Screen resolution plays an important factor in choosing the right size. The bigger the size, the more pixels there are to complete the picture. The rule of thumb is to avoid body text that goes below 10 or 12 pixels.

Add Air

Legibility is also improved when text on a website has air around it. In other words, add space around the type to place emphasis on what is important. Successful websites have text that is balanced with enough negative (white) space.

Have Contrast

Light colored text on a light or dark background can be distracting for the viewer. It can also become illegible. It is important to have contrast between the text and the background.

What Are Web Safe Fonts?

Today, there are more web-safe fonts available than there were five years ago. Web safe fonts are fonts that are universally available on all computers. This means everyone will be able to see the font no matter what type of computer they use.