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Deciding what to pack when you’re going on vacation is always a difficult decision. This is especially true when traveling to a destination like Peru where there is such a great variety of climates. The key thing to remember about Cusco is that it is rather warm during the sun hours but it does cool off a lot at night.

For this reason, it’s best to think about layers when it comes to clothing for Peru. At any time of the year, you may need clothing as light as shorts and t-shirts. That said, fleeces or sweatshirts will be needed for evening wear. You probably won’t need a really heavy coat, rather, it’s better to have a light coat that is wind resistant and can be thrown over a fleece if greater warmth is needed.

Unless you’re going to spend some time in Lima and want to head out to a fancy restaurant or nightclub, you can stick to casual clothing. You can use a polo and jeans even when heading to the 5-star restaurants in Cusco. It’s an especially good idea to keep to comfortable shoes. You’ll find you’ll do quite a bit of walking and, in areas with stone sidewalks and streets, your feet will not be happy if they aren’t well supported.

Peru Vacation - What To Pack - Top Dawg Labs

Laundry is extremely easy to have done and relatively inexpensive. Therefore, you can plan on traveling fairly light and just getting things washed as you need to. Leave the space in your suitcase for taking home mementos of your trip! For a little extra, many places can get your wash done in the same day.

Other items will depend on what activities you are planning to do while in Peru. You can basically get all kind of info from tourist agencies, such as the PeruAmazon tours. For example, trekking will obviously require appropriate clothing. Hiking poles are a good idea as well as most of the trails involve a lot of up and down. The most important item will be hiking shoes or boots that have been well broken-in.

Regardless of what time of year you’re traveling in, it’s not a bad idea to bring a waterproof jacket for the rain. Although it’s rare for rain to occur between April and September, it does happen. In any other month, it is definitely a possibility.

You’ll want to make sure you have sunblock, sunglasses, a hat for protection from the sun and insect repellent. A swimsuit is a good idea as there are a number of hot springs. It’s never a bad idea to have a small quick-drying towel as well.

Although it may seem obvious, it’s best to bring whatever medications you need with you, including over the counter items that you’ve found to work well for you. There are a vast array of pharmaceuticals on offer here without a prescription but it isn’t easy to find the brands that you are used to or prefer.