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In constructing roadways, there are 2 important materials that are widely used. These are the asphalt and the concrete materials. As you can notice, most of the roads on the street are made from these materials.

No doubt, asphalt-made roads are more prone to tear and wear when compared to concrete-made roads. Moreover, concrete roads can offer a lot of advantages, and those roads constructed from asphalt can only offer very few. Even so, more and more countries are shifting to asphalt roads. Why do you think is the reason then? Well, in order for you to know, here are the amazing advantages and disappointing disadvantages of concrete-made roads and asphalt-made roadways that you must take into account:

Concrete Road Advantages

The very first advantage of concrete roadways is durability. As a matter of fact, it can stand as long as 40 years of service. These don’t require tiring and expensive maintenance and repair jobs. There is no need to worry about patching works while these roads are functioning. Because of this, a considerable amount of time and finances can surely be saved by the government of a certain country or place. Another great advantage to expect from concrete roadways is the lesser consumption of fuel, which will then lead to higher savings of gasoline funds. It is simply because vehicles especially those heavy-loaded trucks can easily pass the roads faster. The tires will never deflect on the road surface. Moreover, concrete-made roads can definitely resist the damage brought by the ever-changing weather conditions as well as the cases of fuel spillage from the vehicles.

Asphalt Road Advantages

The number one amazing advantage of asphalt-constructed roads is lesser amount of money that will be spent. It is simply because asphalt material is more affordable compared to concrete. It dries so quickly that it can already be used few days before it was constructed. Constructing it will also just require lesser amount of time. These are enough reasons why you won’t spend a lot from these roads. Another advantage is the recyclable nature of asphalt. There’s no need to buy asphalt materials over and over again since these can just be melted, for them to be reused.

Concrete Roads vs Asphalt Roads - Top Dawg Labs

Expected Disadvantages from Concrete Roads

One expected downside of concrete roads is they cost way higher than the asphalt roads. They also needs more time as far as the construction process is concerned. There’s also a need to spend more money for extended days of working duration by the construction workers. The next disadvantage is they need more repair time and expenses.

Disappointing Disadvantages from Asphalt Roads

Being prone to damages is one big disadvantage of asphalt roads. Bad weather conditions can already wreck them up, which will then lead to another reconstruction or repair process. Asphalt can also cause pollution in the environment because it emits green houses gases. Frequent repair jobs are also expected in these roads.

Both of the roads have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Because of this, it’s important to weigh things up before deciding which one to choose.

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