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The cost of waterproofing a basement in Toronto is to determine what is causing the wet basement and how much will it cost to fix it. Before you begin the project you need to know your financial situation. It could get you into serious debt trying to fix it. The main focus here is to figure out the damage and what’s the cost of waterproofing a basement.

To find out if moisture build-up is the problem, basically tape a 12” piece of aluminum foil to the wet wall area and seal it very tightly. Check back in a few days to determined if the outside of the foil is wet, then it’s ok to say you got a seepage situation. When you have a condensation problem, you got to get good source of ventilation. One possible way to resolve this problem would to buy a dehumidifier. This will help stop the dampness in your basement. The cost for quality dehumidifier can run you in the range of $250 to $300.

If the problem in your basement is not the seepage or condensation then it might be that ground water is coming in through the cracks of the wall or floor. This problem can be fix with a few solutions. This is more costly but it can fix the problem. You can start by running an interior drain that can run along the inside of the basement walls. The drain will collect the water and diverted to the sump pump.

The Cost of Waterproofing a Basement - Top Dawg Labs

You can go to Home Depot and find do-it-yourself kits. Most kits can cost you about $250 and it includes 20 feet of materials to cover an area. They have bigger kits to cover a larger area of 96 feet at a price of $1000. You can consider this inexpensive because if you use to have a professional it could cost twice as much or more.

If you want to seal all the cracks from the outside you can use hydraulic cement or epoxy. The cost is about $7 to $15 for the caulk and one quart of the sealer. You need to buy sealing paint to seal the outside cracks. The cost is about $25 per gallon.

If these solutions don’t work you might need to spend more money. You would have to excavate the area and install a waterproof barrier. You will need to add drains and gravel. This might be the only option you have and expect to pay a price of $5000. When you install a system you will get the gravel, drains and sump pumps on the outside of your foundation and will remove any water before it enters your basement.

Keep in mind that this process involves buying or renting equipment to breakup the basement floor. The estimated cost for this is between $2000 to $4000 if you’re lucky. You need to buy sodium betonite to put into the foundation and soil too. The cost is about $10 to $12 a bag. At this rate it would be cost efficient to hire a contractor or basement waterproofing services Toronto to fix the problem. The choice is up to you.