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Recruiters spend hours processing resumes. Thousands of resumes are received for each open position. Each resume should be evaluated and a letter of response sent. If a candidate is determined to meet the criteria of the position, that resume must be distributed to interested parties and stored for future consideration.

Buried in Resumes. With the economy sputtering, the number of resumes received is much greater than normal. Employers tend to respond slowly and carelessly to large number of resumes, when they should be taking the opportunity to build a resume data bank.

Resume Screening Tools - Top Dawg Labs

The Problem only gets worse. Neglected job-seekers jam the phone lines to inquire about the status of the open position. Qualified job-seekers get discouraged and seek employment elsewhere often seeking employment with your direct competitors. What is worse, finding out you paid a search firm for a candidate that was floating in your abyss of resumes that were improperly managed.

Failing to respond to job-seekers in a prompt and courteous manner will result in a negative reputation and long-term damage to your overall recruiting activities of highly skilled and trained employees.

The high volume of resumes coming into a company can make it difficult to manage on a daily basis even with an expensive and sophisticated applicant tracking system. Resume screening tool is designed to bring perfectly matched resumes to a recruiter or hiring manager reducing the process time, increasing productivity and reducing costs. By effectively and efficiently processing large volumes of resumes, resume screening tool helps to accelerate the hiring process and make the most efficient use of your recruiting time.