Regrouting Ceramic Tiles - Top Dawg Labs

When you have damaged or old bathroom floors to fix, you don’t have to worry about regrouting ceramic tile projects because this will not be as difficult as you expect. In fact, if you think about do-it-yourself projects on a whole, you will discover that this is probably one of the easiest tasks for even an inexperienced person. There is no doubt that if you follow these simple tips, it may seem a lot easier for an amateur when compared with laying out new ceramic floor tiles.

Even though, some people will opt to bleach the current grout in order to fix the problem, this option might not be ideal for your situation.
The very first thing you have to do when doing grout replacement is to get rid of the existing grout. Generally, this can be done by using a circular tool which is designed to deal with this kind of work. Additionally, you could make use of a utility knife or a grout saw.

After you have extracted the old grout from the floor it’s time to get some dirt on your hands. For this part of the job, you need to get a grout float tool, which will help you to spread equally between the joints and creases. Keep in mind that this is a reasonably priced tool and generally can be purchased at the local home improvement or hardware stores.

Regrouting Ceramic Tiles - Top Dawg Labs

As soon as you have applied the grout smoothly around and inside the crevices and cracks, you will discover that unneeded grout will remain on the tile surface. To fix this, you can use the float once more to mop up the leftover portion by holding it in the opposite direction and this will pick up instead of forcing it onto the floor.

The cleaning up process

When you are finished with grouting the floor, this should be left for about fifteen minutes prior to using a damp sponge to clean the tile. It is advisable to thoroughly clean the sponge frequently as well as take this time to fill and replace any spots that might need some additional treatment and attention as you go along. Keep in mind that this is very important when you regrout floor tiles, so you should not overlook it if you want to get flawless and sparkling tiles.

Once you have effectively clean the tiles using the sponge it is best to let this stay for about one hour to dry properly. Next, you can polish the tiles using a dry cloth so that you can get rid of the grit which might have gone unnoticed. After the grout is fully dried, you can now add your sealer to preserve your hard work.

I am sure that you did not realize that grout removal was so simple and easy. To make this more interesting you could easily pretend with your family that this was extremely challenging if you want to get some bragging rights. But, even more importantly your home will look more beautiful in the end with clean and radiant tiles.