Simple and Easy Tips to Dress for Your Body Shape - Top Dawg Labs

Women tend to buy dresses which they see others wearing. This is because they assume that the same dress will look as good on them. However, while shopping for dresses, there is one essential point to consider. Different women have different body shapes and these shapes determine what kind of clothes will look good on you. This is why it is extremely important to dress for your body shape.

If you know what your body shape is but are confused as to what dress to buy, here are some important tips for you.

Simple and Easy Tips to Dress for Your Body Shape - Top Dawg Labs

Apple Shaped Body: Women with an apple shaped body usually have accumulated weight around their belly and possess large bust and shoulders. Therefore, for these women, it is important to flaunt their long shapely legs and create a balance among their large shoulders and slender legs. This can be done by wearing short skirts with slimming tunics, V-neck tops with mid –rise boot cut jeans and A-line solid color dresses. Also, for these women, layering gives a great effect. This can be done by wearing light cotton tank top under long sleeves jacket or a button down top.

Pear Shaped Body: Pear shaped or A shaped bodied people have narrow shoulders and torso with more weight around hips and thighs. For these women, it is suggested to wear plain skirts which fall just below the knee paired with patterned tops, wrap dresses having simple and plain prints or boot cut jeans paired with scoop neck tops.

Straight Body: Women with a straight body shape have an athletic figure with less defined curves. In order to flaunt curves these women should wear skirts with belted jackets, polo shirts coupled with boot cut jeans or fitted dresses with nipped waist.

Hourglass Shaped Body: Women with hourglass shaped body have a defined waist with more weight around the bust and hip. These women have a wide variety of options to choose from. They may look absolutely stunning in nipped waist jackets, halter tops, skirts with V-neck tops and flared jeans.

When going out or online from a wholesale boutique on your next shopping spree, remember to purchase clothes according to your body shape. It is very important to dress for your body shape and flaunt those curves.